Our Blaze tail'gator' was such a success last year that the good people at Crown Royal have invited us to do it again. Stop by our tailgate party for the final Griz home game of the season this Saturday, November 11th to witness the grilling of an entire alligator.

Smitty and the crew from The Full Moon Saloon will be serving up free samples of grilled gator and Crown Royal for your donation to KYSSmas for Kids or items to donate and ship to Montana servicemen & women over seas. Items should be small enough to fit into Crown Royal bags, here are some suggested goods.

96.3 The Blaze partners with our sister station 94.9 KYSS FM each year to raise money to take local underprivileged children Christmas shopping. Some of these kids forego buying toys to purchase simple necessities such as bed sheets and snow boots. Last year, a young boy was having a hard time deciding between a toy he really wanted and a frying pan, as his mother had to microwave their meals because they didn’t have any pots and pans. (Of course we gave him more than enough to buy both.) The KYSSmas event is my favorite project of the year and is dear to my heart, so THANK YOU in advance for your kind donations.

And huge thanks to Crown Royal and the Full Moon Saloon!

Photo by Angel
Photo by Angel

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