Although nearly a decade and a half has passed since it arrived in Las Vegas, Cirque Du Soleil's Beatles-themed Love show remains a fresh, singular and must-experience event.

You can see photos and the official trailer from the show below.

I was recently lucky enough to attend the show for the second time ever, and for the first since a round of updates were made to the set list, choreography and projection system back in 2016.

The basic shape of the show remains the same, taking the audience on a whirlwind tour of the Beatles' history, portrayed through a series of daring and often airborne acrobatic set pieces taking place on and above a custom-built and constantly evolving stage.

A death-defying circus takes over the entire theater for "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite." Roller skaters soar high in the air mere inches from each other during "Help!" A gigantic psychedelic bed sheet covers most of the audience during "Within You Without You," and gigantic, billowing sea creatures fill the sky for 'Octopus's Garden."

As impressive as those spectacles are, many of the best moments are quieter and more expressive, such as the dancer trying to establish a lasting connection with one of the flying temptresses of "Something," or the young couple trying to overcome adversity and systemic inequality in "Blackbird."

I've only briefly mentioned about one-third of the set pieces featured in Love. There's no possible way to fully absorb the entirety of this show in just one night, but every Beatles fan owes it to themselves to at least try.

Love performances take place twice a night, Tuesday through Saturday at the Mirage in Las Vegas. You can get showtime, tickets and other information at the official Cirque Du Soleil website.



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