Animated movies are usually associated with younger audiences, featuring family-friendly themes and bright, chipper characters. Almost all of Disney’s films fall into this category (save The Black Cauldron), but animation extends way beyond that. The past several decades have seen some truly experimental, bizarre, and downright weird animated films that deserve special recognition. While they might not be considered “cute” or “charming,” they broke the mold for what an animated film could be.

Since we’ve already explored the worst animated movies and the scariest kids movies, it’s time to take a look at the weirdest animated movies of all time. And when we say weird, we mean weird. What’s so cool about animation is that the sky's the limit in terms of imagination. While a live-action movie has to be concerned with filming logistics, an animated film can take place anywhere — from a medieval French village to a distant, desolate planet. Whether it’s an unconventional art style or an off-the-wall crazy plot, these films certainly don’t follow the status quo. Despite this, however, the animated films below are actually really good — if you can get past the intense, trippy visuals, you’re in for a rewarding viewing experience.

So if you’ve exhausted your library of cheery, upbeat animated adventures, it might be time to give one of these unorthodox movies a try. They might not be what you’re used to, but you’re guaranteed to see something that you’ve never seen before.

Here are the ten strangest animated movies of all time.

The 10 Weirdest Animated Movies Of All Time

These trippy and strange cartoons are decidedly not for kids.
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