When the documentary series The Beatles: Get Back hits TV screens later this week on Disney+, the Fab Four will once again break new ground. No curse words will be omitted in the upcoming three-part project, an unusual move for the child-friendly network.

“We’ve had to have a discussion with Disney about the swearing," director Peter Jackson recently told RadioTimes. "The Beatles are Scouse boys and they freely swear, but not in an aggressive or sexual way."

In the past, Disney+ has edited or censored some of its own content in order to appeal to a more family-oriented audience, but, according to Jackson, the language was a crucial element to keep in place in Get Back, one that makes the band "feel modern." His aim was to make the film, which is made up of 50-year-old footage, feel as fresh as possible.

“Now, they [the Beatles] are our grandparents or great-grandparents,” he told The Guardian. “But here, John and Ringo are 28, Paul is 26 and George is 25, and you never once feel this footage is 52 years old. I’ve always thought their music transcends generations, but this will make them seem young again.”

Watch a Sneak Peek of 'The Beatles: Get Back'

The decision to leave the footage uncensored will stand in stark contrast to Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s 1970 documentary, Let It Be, which left out a considerable portion of the same source material.

“Anyone thinking this is going to be a whitewash, think again,” Jackson said. “I didn’t want to hold back or sanitize anything, but there was a very positive reaction from everyone, even if some of them said parts of it were stressful to watch.”

The Beatles: Get Back will air Nov. 25-27 on Disney+.

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