A team effort to help veterans cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was announced on Monday at Providence St. Patrick Hospital that began with a video featuring Senator Jon Tester touting a Phase 3 clinical trial of a new drug called Tonmya.

A panel featuring UM Dean Reed Humphrey, Matt Kuntz of NAMI Montana and Dr. Seth Letterman of Tonix Pharmaceuticals addressed the progress of The Honor Study. ..

Letterman described the drug Tonmya.

“Tonmya is meant to be taken every night at bedtime,” Dr. Letterman said. “We believe it improves sleep quality, and that’s very different from sleep quantity. It is not a sleeping pill, it is not a narcotic, and it is not addictive, in the sense that there’s no recognized risk of addiction in taking Tonmya.”

Letterman stopped short of saying the drug, or any medication, is a ‘cure’ for PTSD.

“Too often people hope there’ll be some sudden break that will cure a complex condition like PTSD,” he said. “Unfortunately, I can tell you that decades of work have culminated in what we have today, and we really stand on the shoulders of all the people who have contributed to what we have today.”

To participate in the trial, Montana Iraq war era veterans can visit the honor study dot com, and if accepted, will receive the treatment at no cost, along with compensation for time and travel to attend study visits at St. Patrick Hospital.


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