Kelly Marie Tran’s having a hell of a week. Unknown just a few months ago, she now stars in the number one movie in the galaxy, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. At the moment, though, she is still relatively not super-famous, and enjoys a bit of anonymity. Which is why, she can do stuff like this on her Instagram: Listen in on people as they discuss The Last Jedi in intense detail. Here you’ll see her reaction to when they start talking about Rose:

A few days ago, I was at a pub eating pie with a friend, when this DELIGHTFUL group of people came in. They sat down at the table next to me and started discussing The Last Jedi — in minute detail. My friend started filming as I listened, and she captured my reaction as they discussed Rose. After lots of creepy listening — and eating — I awkwardly walked over to introduce myself. They couldn’t be more lovely. What an incredible moment in a string of incredible moments I’ve been experiencing lately. ❤️ In my 8 years as a struggling actor, I came to the realization that the hardest thing to obtain from another human being is their genuine interest. Sometimes, getting someone to listen to your story — your idea — is really hard. It’s pretty impossible for a movie to get made, and there are many stories that don’t make it into a book or a film or a television show. I know how lucky I am to be a part of something that people love, to be able to act and tell stories at all. And one of my greatest joys has been creepily listening to conversations about TLJ when I’m out and about. Regardless of opinion or preference, it’s still a topic of discussion. And no matter who we are, no matter where we’re from, if we can really listen and have a conversation about something — anything — it can really open up a door. It can open us up to new ideas and new understanding. So thanks, wonderful people, for watching and dissecting and discussing. It makes me happy to know that we made something that’s starting a dialogue. My heart is so full, and my goals are so clear. Let’s tell more stories. Let’s have more conversations. Let’s get to know lives and worlds different from our own. And most of all — let’s open our hearts and accept our differences. More love, less hate. Also, more pies, because THEY ARE AMAZING. ❤️ PS @catmahoney87 — thanks for not thinking it was creepy when I went through my insta tags to find this photo so I could write about this moment. ❤️

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The world is a pit, but this is so wonderful. More of this please! If you see Kelly Marie Tran wandering around, do not engage. Just talk about Rose and see if she notices!

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