The Missoula International Airport receives several requests from folks interested in enrolling in the Transportation Security Administration’s popular TSA Pre✓® application program. Airport Deputy Director Brian Ellestad says residents will have the opportunity to enroll in this program inside the airport terminal.

“It gives you the ability to have a separate line to go through security checkpoint where you don’t have to take off your shoes, you can leave your liquids and your laptop in your bag,” Ellestad. “It is an expedited screening process. It is $85 and it is good for five years. They will take credit cards and money orders, but they will not take cash or a personal check.”

According to Ellestad, Missoula lines are not typically as long as other larger airport. He says this program is more for a return trip out of a major airport where the lines can get really long.

“It is next week April 15-19th,” Ellestad said. “The first three days, it is from 9am to 1pm or 2pm to 6pm. They shuffled the hours a little bit the last two days they are here. It will be from 7am to 11am and 12pm to 4pm on those days. Walk-ins are permitted, but based on the history of how popular it is, it is best to sign up and have an appointment.”

Those who are interested can make an appointment online and complete their enrollment in-person. Applicants must bring a U.S. passport or a driver license and a certified copy of a birth certificate. Fingerprints will also be collected during the enrollment session. After completing enrollment, successful applicants will receive a Known Traveler Number in the mail within a few weeks. An enrollee should enter the provided KTN when booking airline reservations.

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