Reconstruction of the Bonner bridges on Interstate 90 over the Blackfoot River begins the week of April 15.

Ed Toaves, Missoula District Administrator for the Montana Department of Transportation said one of the largest projects scheduled for this spring and summer is just east of Missoula near Bonner.

“Last year, we completed one half of the project and this year, starting the week of April 15th we’re going to switch the traffic again to the two-way traffic control setup on the eastbound Bonner bridges and whole we’re doing basically the same repair work on the westbound bridge. The bridges are over 50 years old from when the interstate was first built and they’ve seen better days.”

Toaves described some of the work to be done on the bridge.

“We’ve had some sliding or stability issues,” he said. “Nothing dramatic, just enough to cause us some concern, especially being on I-90 with all the traffic, especially the truck traffic, and so that’s purpose of the project. We’ll have new superstructures, new bridge decks and getting ready for Phase Two for the 2019 season.”

Due to construction, the Blackfoot River will be closed under the Bonner Bridges from April 15 until late spring. River users should sign up for text alerts to receive up-to-date information on the river closure status. While the river closure is in effect, all recreationists should take out at the Weigh Station. The river closure extends from the Weigh Station on Highway 200 to the Milltown State Park. Once the river is safe for recreational use, Fish, Wildlife and Parks will reopen the river. However periodic closures may continue throughout the summer.

Toaves said the total cost of the project, funded from a variety of state and federal monies is between $10 and $15 million.



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