Well, it's not exactly a creepy haunted house or scary corn maize, but those opportunities are sure more limited this year.

And it sounds like an exhilarating October event, as Flathead Lake State Park invites you to explore the Park After Dark! Join a park ranger on a 1.5 mile guided hike around the Wayfarers unit of Flathead Lake State Park to discover all that goes bump in the night. Wayfarers is one of six unique state park units located around Flathead Lake. It is one of the three along the east shore.

Walk by the light of the moon and explore the adaptations that allow stealthy predators to hunt at night, the myths and meanings surrounding the night sky, and how darkness is important to humans. This hike is $4 per person. Attendees will meet in front of the Flathead Lake State Park Ranger Station. Please wear sturdy hiking shoes, and bring a headlamp and water bottle. This hike is open to all ages. Please call the Flathead Lake State Park Ranger Station at (406) 837-3041 to register for the hike. It is scheduled for 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 10.

Visitors to these events must keep in mind social distancing directives – stay six feet apart from all non-family members, and if that isn’t feasible or possible, please wear a mask or face covering. Additionally, if you’re feeling ill, please do not attend this event. Capacity is likely limited as well, so if interested you might want to call soon.

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