I grew up playing sports and probably never really thought about how much money my parents had to come up with to cover the costs. I guess it's come full circle now and it's another example of  "just wait until you grow up and have kids of your own." I have a daughter just getting to the age of organized activities. She needs ballet shoes, needs to sign up for the next session of gymnastics, needs to buy an outfit for a performance that she'll only wear once, and needs everything to play soccer (shoes, socks, shin guards.) Sheesh! That stuff adds up fast.

Thankfully I'm not having to buy hockey gear - it seems like it would be a pretty expensive sport when it comes to all the different equipment needed to play. But if you're looking for skates, helmets, sticks, pads, and more........a  great event is happening this weekend that will save you some money.

Hockeywolf is currently collecting donations and will team up with Glacier Ice Rink to hold a gear swap on Saturday. You can score items at a fraction of what you would pay for new equipment and the money raised will help grow the sport of hockey locally.

Here's info from the Hockeywolf facebook page.

We are proud to partner with Missoula Area Youth Hockey and be able to bring this gear swap to families in the surrounding area for another hockey season!

Bring your used gear donation to Hockeywolf 10am-7pm September 28th through Friday October 2nd. The sale will start Saturday October 3rd at 10am sharp in the parking lot of Hockeywolf on Brooks. It will run until 1pm. All proceeds of the sale will go to Missoula Youth Hockey.

You save money on equipment and proceeds benefit the rink and youth hockey - everyone wins.

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