After more than three decades in the vault, a concert from the Replacements' early years will finally see official release this fall.

Titled For Sale: Live at Maxwell's 1986, the new double-disc set is drawn from the group's February 1986 stop at the New Jersey club, and captures one of guitarist Bob Stinson's final shows in the lineup before he left the band later that year. Compiling 29 tracks in all, For Sale offers a snapshot of the Replacements in the period between their major label debut, 1985's Tim, and their acclaimed commercial breakthrough with 1987's Pleased to Meet Me.

Scheduled to arrive in stores Oct. 6, For Sale is being issued on CD, vinyl, and digital formats; packaging for the physical versions includes liner notes penned by Bob Mehr, author of the Replacements biography Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements. According to Mehr, the Maxwell's tapes -- recorded by a 24-track mobile studio -- languished in the vaults for more than two decades before finally being mixed in 2007. It's unclear why they remained unreleased for another 10 years after that, but it's also somewhat fitting — from their early years through their breakup, reunion, and (seemingly) final farewell, they always did things on their own terms. Check out the version of "Can't Hardly Wait" below.

The Replacements, For Sale: Live at Maxwell's 1986

Disc One

1. "Hayday"
2. "Color Me Impressed"
3. "Dose of Thunder"
4. "Fox on the Run"
5. "Hold My Life"
6. "I Will Dare"
7. "Favorite Thing"
8. "Unsatisfied"
9. "Can't Hardly Wait"
10. "Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out"
11. "Takin' a Ride"
12. "Bastards of Young"
13. "Kiss Me on the Bus"
14. "Black Diamond"

Disc Two

1. "Johnny's Gonna Die"
2. "Otto"
3. "I'm in Trouble"
4. "Left of the Dial"
5. "God Damn Job"
6. "Answering Machine"
7. "Waitress in the Sky"
8. "Take Me Down to the Hospital"
9. "Gary's Got a Boner"
10. "If Only You Were Lonely"
11. "Baby Strange"
12. "Hitchin' a Ride"
13. "Nowhere Man"
14. "Go"
15. "F--- School"

Listen to "Can't Hardly Wait" From 'Live at Maxwell's 1986'

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