Alright so it's no secret that I'm a BIG FAN of Pure Barre Missoula! But why?

Is it that the workouts are so different from anything I've tried before?

Does the Pure Barre Missoula community aspect play a part in it?

Or is it the results that I'm attracted to?

Honestly, it's all of the above! I've got almost 15 years of volleyball experience under my belt and yet no volleyball practice or tournament has ever made my legs shake like a 55 minute Pure Barre class. Each class is different in the sense that they find different ways to target the areas on our body that us women struggle with the most.

It's been a couple of months since I started taking these classes and honestly I haven't felt this strong and healthy in years! More confidence, new friends and more defined muscle tone?! YES PLEASE!!!

This weekend marks the GRAND OPENING of our very own Pure Barre Missoula! To commemorate the special occasion, our boy toys are welcome this Friday, July 21st, there's a massive group float on Saturday and we'll finish off the weekend with a pop-up at Silver Park on Sunday!

If you've been wanting to try out Pure Barre and were looking for a chance to get to know the amazing and strong women in the PBM family, this weekend is your perfect opportunity! #WorthIt

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