Let me just say, if you haven't had an opportunity to witness Blistered Earth on stage, you are missing out. This Montana-based Metallica Tribute band has really carved out a little space for themselves in the Metallica Universe, becoming one of the premier Metallica tribute acts in the country. In fact, Blistered Earth actually has received blessings from the Metallica themselves.

Blistered Earth gets gear stolen in Oregon. Metallica replaces everything.

According to Loudwire

The tribute act was contacted by Metallica's representation, who asked them to provide a list of all the gear that was taken. And it's also reported that Lars Ulrich himself reached out to Blistered Earth's drummer to let them know the band would help them out. The group had already inventoried their equipment as they were on tour and a list of it all can be seen in the band's Facebook post.

Angel was able to reach out to Jared, frontman of Blistered Earth, who shared with us the full story.

These guys put on an amazing show. In my opinion, if you squint slightly from the back of the room, you can almost swear you are watching Metallica (circa 1986) performing LIVE.

Blistered Earth has confirmed that they will be performing a show LIVE here in Missoula in the near future.

It's all happening Friday, July 29th at the Dark Horse

The show starts at 9 pm.

Tickets are available for $10 in advance, or at the door.

Visit Eventbrite to get your advance tickets for the Ultimate Metallica Tribute: Blistered Earth.

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