The long-awaited My Chemical Romance reunion tour is finally happening, and it looks like the band is making sure to document it. Guitarist Ray Toro has fans buzzing after posting video of a computer playing the live audio of "Our Lady of Sorrows" from one of their recent shows.

The clip is posted mostly without comment, with Toro only adding a "wow" emoji as the only commentary for the video. Take a listen and look below.

This, of course, has led to plenty of speculation as to why Toro posted the video, with many of the commenters on the post feeling like the band has been gathering their live recordings for a potential live album based off their recent U.K. and European tour leg.

Others have noted something even more specific, pointing out that "Our Lady of Sorrows" is featured on the group's 2002 debut, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, which is turning 20 this year, leading to the speculation that Toro is listening to the track for some sort of special 20th anniversary release.

"Our Lady of Sorrows" returned to the band's setlist with their 2019 reunion performance at The Shrine in Los Angeles, which turned out to be the only reunion show the band could play for quite some time due to the pandemic. However, the track was a part of the setlist on opening night of their recent tour leg, and was played frequently throughout this most recent run of shows.

So what does it all mean? Only time will tell, but for now you can enjoy hearing how well the live show has come together since the band returned to the stage earlier this spring.

The group is catching a breather after that first leg and will start the first U.S. tour leg of their reunion tour on Aug. 20 in Oklahoma City. Get your tickets for the run here.

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