Centerfield Cinema at Ogren Park has quickly become the highlight of my summer - in a year when movie theaters are still closed and there's no new movies coming out that could potentially become new favorites, it's been fun to go back and watch some old classics on the big screen, sitting on the baseball field in socially-distanced squares while having a beer.

So far this year, they've played Purple RainThe GooniesMean GirlsJawsMad Max: Fury Road, and Mamma Mia!, and they've got Space Jam and Stop Making Sense set to take us through the rest of July. But they hadn't made any official announcements about August yet - and then, this morning, I was scrolling through The Roxy's website, which I still do out of habit even though the theater itself is still closed, and then there it was: two more movies added to the calendar for Centerfield Cinema.

And they just happen to be two of my favorite movies of all time, so that's pretty cool, too - Back to the Future on August 13th and Jurassic Park on August 27th. These are movies that I've seen a million times and never get tired of seeing again, so of course, I'm psyched to see them at Ogren Park in the unique environment that Centerfield Cinema provides.

You can find the info for both on The Roxy's website, and it looks like tickets aren't on sale quite yet, but when they are, you'll be able to get them at

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