Local writer and director Laramie Dean is about to get published with his new book, Black Forest.  He called into my show this morning and described it as Shirley Jackson meets Call Me By Your Name. The book is available to pre-order now on Ink Shares, and if he can get 750 pre-orders, he will get published! Pretty exciting, let's help this local artist realize his dream by throwing down 10 bucks for a pre-order, he's already at more than 500, so we can get him there. Here's a short description, you can read the full prologue here.

During his first year at college, Nathan must deal with the ghosts of missing dead boys and his suspicion that the man he loves may be a demon responsible for their deaths. LGBTQ horror inspired by Shirley Jackson.

The super fun and all around entertaining Laramie Dean is a Missoula writer of queer horror fiction, and the director of theatre at Hellgate High School. He has recently published several short stories and plays and you can follow him on Instagram and Facebook @bylaramiedean

The book will be published when orders hit 750, so you're looking at a great fall time read. Or perhaps you could pre-order a few and when they arrive in the mail, realize that you've already started your holiday shopping. Now that's smart thinkin'!

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