When I saw that Nelly was booked for the Big Sky Country State Fair in Bozeman, the first thing I did was check the date to see if it was from 2002, and the second thing I did was double check the date to see if it was supposed to happen during pandemic times. Nope and nope, the show was just announced this week and it's scheduled to kick off this year's Fair on Wednesday, July 21st.

It's weird that shows are getting announced. I know we have to get back to concerting, but I don't think I'm the only one who remains emotionally damaged from having dozens of unused tickets magneted to the side of my refrigerator in 2020. I'm hesitant to buy tickets for any newly announced shows for 2021. I don't even know if the shows that got postponed from 2020 to 2021 will even happen, why would I buy more. However, I do admit that I tried to get tickets for the Life Is Beautiful festival scheduled for this September in Las Vegas, but it sold out in around 30 seconds, as you can imagine.

Anyway, back to Nelly. I personally won't be buying tickets, but I'd bet two paychecks that my sister and her friends will go. The Fair itself is July 21st to 25th, and I've never been to the Bozeman fair, but I hear good things. Tickets for "Nelly with special guest Carly Pearce" are $32.50 for general admission and reserved seats for $37.50, they are on sale now, get yours here.

Other artists announced for the Bozeman Fair are Trace Adkins and Granger Smith, and the Fair takes place at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. I managed to make it this far into the article without a really awful "it's getting hot in here" joke, so I'm going to quit while I'm ahead.

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