You know how when you tell someone not to do something, it only makes them want to do it more? That's kind of the situation right here.

You may have heard the news in recent weeks that Montana is about to become home to 75 Afghan refugees, part of a group of about 50,000 Afghans fleeing the country after the US pulled its troops and the Taliban invaded the city of Kabul.

Of course, tweeting that out caught Rosendale some backlash from people on the other side of the issue, who understand that these refugees are fleeing a violent, war-torn country in the hope of finding a safer, better life in the US. Soft Landing Missoula is an organization that works to help welcome refugees and immigrant families entering Missoula, and strives to educate others about what these people go through.

And it looks like Rosendale's tweet may have backfired on him - in the days since Soft Landing Missoula has reported a distinct rise in donations from people wanting to help out, according to NBC Montana. They've actually set up a relief fund specifically for that purpose, which has currently raised over $17,000 of its $20,000 goal (you can check that out right here).

How do you feel about refugees coming into Montana and Rosendale's response to it?

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