The popular show "Deadliest Catch" has been one of my favorite shows for over a decade now. For anyone who has never seen it, the show follows crab fishing boats in the Bering Sea. And each boat has it's own cast of characters. These "characters" have developed more and more each season. Sometimes a cast member of the show gets hurt, and you feel like your helplessly watching a close friend suffer. Spoiler alert from Season 6: I will admit that I "ugly cried" when Captain Phil died.

For big fans of the show, you may recognize deckhand Mahlon Reyes. Mahlon has been a deckhand on various boats over the last 8 seasons. Including the SEABROOKE and the CAPE CAUTION. Mahlon was another prime example of why "Montana is for badasses." And, even though he worked in Alaska, Mahlon called Montana home.

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