Montana is currently 4th in the nation for daily new COVID-19 cases, per capita, and Missoula saw about 409 new positive cases in the past 7 days, with about a quarter of those being from the U of M. With that in mind, some businesses on the Hip Strip have opted to close temporarily or go back to grab-and-go only.

Clyde Coffee kind of lead the charge with their Facebook post saying they would close for a week or two to protect their customers as COVID-19 numbers grow for younger Missoula residents. Over the weekend, Green Source announced that they are back to doing online and phone orders only until the number of new cases drops in Missoula. Bathing Beauties Beads is closed for a few days to allow an employee with symptoms to be tested. The Bridge has closed their Higgins location until numbers decline, however, their Brooks street location is still open for business. I imagine other businesses in the area are waiting to see today's numbers before they make decisions on operations moving forward.

As for today, 10/12, many local businesses are closed in honor of Indigenous Peoples Day, including all Missoula banks. Here are some activities going on today at the U of M that are open to the public.

And this amazing painting of Frank Zappa that you see above? That's the latest addition to the murals going up on the Hip Strip!

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