*****UPDATE 10/21/20*****
Goblins and Ghouls, you are invited to join us for a Candy Crawl on Halloween! Come dressed in your best costume and ready to collect all your favorite treats.

**Located inside the former Lucky's Market Building (enter via Brooks Street entrance). There will not be any trick-or-treating inside the mall.

*CDC-approved masks required

COVID-19 Precautions: masks required · limited capacity · socially distanced · hand sani stations · contactless trick-or-treating

Original story:

I've been waiting to hear what the official word is when it comes to a Halloween celebration at Southgate Mall this year. With so many other events being cancelled since late spring, I didn't have the highest of hopes that a Halloween function with any sort of gathering would take place. The MissoulaMaze and Missoula Haunted House have already scrapped plans for this year - so it just sort of felt like the mall would be the next to bow out. And since we're already into October and hadn't heard anything - the likelihood of any sort of function seemed to be dwindling.

But there's that old saying about when you "assume." It looks like I was trying to throw dirt on the grave before it was time when it comes to the Candy Crawl at Southgate Mall. Postings to Facebook and the mall website announced that the night of Halloween fun will still take place this year - with a little different look than what you might be used to.

While we won't have store-to-store trick-or-treating this year, we do have some fun plans in the works...check back for details....

The plans are pretty vague for now. But I think anybody that's attended the Candy Crawl in the past would agree - there's no way that type of event can happen the way it normally does while we try to adhere to social distancing guidelines. What will we see this year to replace that looooooong line that snakes around the entire mall? We're waiting on the details just like you!

Do you think you'll attend the Candy Crawl after they announce more details?

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