Things look a little different as we're looking at the forecast for the week. Our 70-degree weather is behind us and we're starting to feel the chill. Fall has arrived and the countdown to Halloween is on. This weekend we made a visit to Spirit Halloween, put a pumpkin on the porch, brought some decorations out of the garage, and told my kiddos "not yet" about 60 times when they asked if it was time to carve pumpkins.

I can honestly say that my lack of drawing/artistic skills also applies when it comes to carving pumpkins. I have to either have the stencil to trace or you're getting the generic Jack-o'-lantern with triangles for the eyes and nose. But if you have some talent when it comes to turning your pumpkin into a work of art - check out the carving contest being held by the ZACC.

You know you’re probably going to carve a pumpkin this year anyway, so why not try to make it the BEST PUMPKIN EVER? We want to see the most inventive, unique, wild, scary, and totally nuts jack-o-lanterns that Missoula has to offer. Entering your pumpkin in our contest is easy, just snap a photo and fill out this super fast form.

We’ll judge the entries on All Hallow’s Eve eve, and announce the winners that day! Best in Show and three runners-up will receive ZACC certified (totally impressive) ribbons, bragging rights, and their pumpkins featured on our social media. Start stabbin’ them gourds, Missoula!

Quick reminder for Missoula Halloween events:
MissoulaMaze - CLOSED.
Missoula Haunted House - CLOSED.
Turner Farms - OPEN.
Candy Crawl @ Southgate Mall - HAPPENING

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