The City of Missoula announced on Thursday that the Johnson Street Emergency Shelter will officially close on April 18.

The shelter has housed up to 150 people per night since it opened the doors on November 1. The purpose of the shelter is to provide a safe place out of the winter weather for those experiencing homelessness. As of February 28, a press release from the city stated that the shelter had served a total of 567 people.

Those still needing shelter after the Johnson Street Center closes still have several options.

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They include the Poverello Center, located at 1110 West Broadway, with a capacity of 80 people per night. The Temporary Safe Outdoor Space (TSOS) which is a partnership between the Hope Rescue Mission, United Way and other nonprofit organizations, currently located on private land off Highway 93 South between Miller Creek Road and Blue Mountain Road. The TSOS is staffed 24/7, where staff works to help residents secure permanent housing. So far, over 30 individuals have successfully transitioned to secure housing.

The Authorized Camping Site replaced the former homeless camp that existed for many years under the Reserve Street Bridge. It opened in January with a capacity for 40 camping spots and offers minimal services such as portable toilets and professional security, however, this site is fully occupied on most nights.

Urban camping is illegal in Missoula, however officials are expecting an uptick after the Johnson Street Emergency Winter Shelter closes in April.

Missoula police are prepared to enforce the statute prohibiting urban camping in the city limits.

Interested Missoulians are invited to attend the Operation Shelter Update during the Missoula City Council’s Committee of the Whole on Wednesday, April 6 via ZOOM. You are asked to check the committee schedule online on the evening of April 4 following the Missoula City Council meeting.

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