Where do the best television moments come from? Kids and animals! You never know what to expect when it comes to the two of them. Use kids or animals in a live shot and they're bound to say or do something funny or shocking that you just didn't see coming. Case in point, a great video that's been making the rounds today with an owl putting on a show for a news camera in Great Falls.

The Eyecam overlooks the city and one hilarious owl thought the camera was there for its own entertainment. Who needs boring pictures of Great Falls when you have this superstar? Watch the video above to see the owl pop in and out of the frame as it keeps peering into the camera. It must have been intrigued by what it was looking at and in the process of investigating it gave viewers a pretty awesome close-up of the animal. What a cool creature. Just look at those eyes!

Why can't I have a cool pet owl?

And since we're already talking about animals putting on a show, take a look at these fun pictures of my moron cat that climbed a tree today and couldn't get down. She's an indoor cat that always wants to get outside and explore. She slipped out in the hustle and bustle of getting kids out the door for school and for some reason she decided to head for higher ground. I'm thinking the giant bird's nest probably had something to do with that decision.

Photo: TSM
Photo: TSM

I got a phone call from my wife telling me that our cat would only come back down to a certain point and she would just sit there and cry. I had to run home and grab a ladder to make the save. I must say that I felt like a true fireman for the day!

That's all for today's episode of crazy animal adventures!

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