I will admit I have never been the best at recycling, that is something that I still need to get better at doing. But with all the news lately about how detrimental plastic straws are to the environment I believe they should be removed from all restaurants in Missoula.

My wife Savannah has always been a huge fan or plastic straws, especially crazy straws, but even she is trying to no longer use plastic straws. Personally, when I am at a restaurant I don't use the straw anyway. Almost every time I drink directly from the glass or cup and often remove my straw from my beverage.

Honestly, do you NEED a straw to drink your beverage? Did you know that it can take up to 200 years for one straw to decompose? If you want to see just how bad plastic straws can be on the environment, click here to see the article written by National Geographic.

If you're someone who absolutely needs a straw to drink a beverage, remember there are paper straws being made. My thoughts are as the world gets more populated lets do what we can to keep our planet as nice as we can.

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