The cool, wet weather has been hampering outdoor activities this spring in the Bitterroot Valley. But Bob Danley, host of our Bitterroot Outdoor Journal every Thursday morning on KLYQ 1240-AM, tells us there is still plenty to see in the woods - but you need to look down.

The mosses and fungi are thriving in the wet weather and already Bob has noticed some carpets of moss in some of the wooded edges of the valley. (see above photo).

There are also some special plants that are "showing off" this time of the season, including the Snakeskin Liverwort, which can take over the surface of a river rock. (See photo below)

snakeskin liverwort
Snakeskin liverwort in the Bitterroot. (Bob Danley, Townsquare Media)

Other things to see include a small wildflower called the Blue-eyed Mary. If you need the real name, it's Collinis parviflora. The flower is about 5 to 12 inches high and the blue flowers are less than a half inch long.

blue-eyed mary flower
Blue-eyed Mary flower. (Bob Danley, Townsquare Media)

You can hear Bob's report Thursday mornings at about 7:50 a.m. on our Bitterroot Morning newscasts at Hamilton's KLYQ radio or have Alexa call it up on your home smartspeaker with the KLYQ skill.

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