Ready to take a dip in the Clark Fork River and sick of having to wait until the summertime?

Well, guess what - now you don't have to! Although you may not want to stay in the water for very long.

The Special Olympics Are Putting Together A Polar Plunge in Caras Park

Are you familiar with the Polar Plunge?

If not, I'll bring you up to speed - generally, it's when people jump into the ice-cold waters of a lake or a river or the ocean during the dead of winter. Some people do it for charity, other people (psychos) just do it for fun.

Check out this video of some people doing the Polar Plunge in Antarctica - it's a really good thing they've got a hot tub on their boat!

NBC Montana reports that the Special Olympics of Montana are organizing a Polar Plunge in Missoula to help raise money for the organization. All proceeds will be benefiting the Special Olympics, and about 60% of that will be distributed among the Five Valleys of Missoula.

Here's a look at how the Polar Plunge went down in Polson recently.

The Polar Plunge in Missoula is set to take place on Saturday, February 26th from 11 AM to 1 PM. And of course, since it's Missoula, they're calling it the "Griz Dip" - gotta have that branding in there.

If you want to register for the plunge or just want to learn more about it, you can get everything you need at the Special Olympics of Montana's website.

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