Sure you have the commercials and the game itself, but my favorite part about the Super Bowl might be the crazy prop bets that are out there for people to gamble on. What color of liquid will be poured on the winning coach? Will a ball hit the goalpost on a kick? Will a team have a scoring drive that takes less time than the performance of the national anthem? They've come up with so many ways for us to lose our money!

Of course, there are also the bets that aren't so crazy. I saw a friend post a picture of his betting slip after the Bengals scored their first touchdown of the game. The bet was for "Any Non QB To Complete A Passing TD." If you recall, that score was the Bengals running back throwing the pass for a touchdown. My buddy turned his $50 bet into $750 with that play. Not bad at all!

How much money did Montana wager on the game?

With sports betting legal and licensed in Montana since early 2020, last year's Super Bowl was the first chance for bettors to lay their money down on the big game with hopes of cashing in. It makes sense that the second year would be even bigger than the first in terms of the amount of money that was being wagered. Sports Bet Montana saw almost $700,000 bet on the game this year, a number that a KPAX story says is a 41% increase for total bets when you compare it to last year's Super Bowl.

Here's how the numbers break down for this year's game:

Total wagered = $695,838,
Average bet = $23.95
Payouts = $427,867
$$ for the state = $267,971

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The Super Bowl brought in some serious totals for Sports Bet Montana and the state as a whole. For comparison, just under $120,000 was wagered on the most recent Brawl of the Wild game in November. It looks like sports betting in Montana is continuing to grow at a strong pace since it was introduced. What do you say, want to bet a few bucks that next year's Super Bowl will bring in even more money than this one did?

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