Like our family, the kids in your family probably notice the different cities and attractions featured on the sides of U-Haul trucks and trailers. If you rent a U-Haul, the first thing you do it see what city is featured on the side. And each one has facts about the city so it's educational as well as entertaining. A silly little thing all families do. What we didn't know, is that there's a Missoula one!

We saw this on one of our favorite local Facebook pages "You Know You've Lived in Missoula, MT If...". A Missoulian who now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado spotted this on the freeway and said it made him miss his "true home." You can see the original post here. The Missoula cargo trailer features a backpacker with a backward hat and huge binoculars, like they're out exploring the wonders of Montana's wilderness and nature. It appears the person is wearing a crop top and cute little red shorts, which would be 100% Missoula representation, however, after taking a closer look, it turned out to be a knee and a red sock. But once you notice the crop top view, you can't unsee it. Like those pictures that are like "is this bigfoot walking into the woods or a poodle walking out of the woods?" hahaha it's cracking me up.

The wording says "Exploring the Lolo Trail, Route of Lewis & Clark" with a big, blue sky in the background. We love it, thanks to Justin Spofford for sharing it with us!

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