As you may have noticed, it's been pretty snowy the last few days here in Montana. It's also been pretty dang cold, and it's looking like that's gonna continue for a little while. It's definitely not the best conditions to be outside right now, which is why the Missoula City-Country Health Department is cancelling its mobile COVID testing sites in Seeley Lake, Lolo, and Frenchtown for the time being.

These sites were scheduled to take place today and Thursday, but the county made the decision after they had enormous difficulty reaching the testing site they had set up in Clinton. There's no word yet on when the mobile sites will return, but the plan is to bring it back "when it is safe."

In the meantime, do your best to stay warm out there. I know I was definitely not expecting the extreme cold this weekend - we went out sledding on Saturday and were perfectly fine; then, I go to take out the garbage on Sunday morning, and it's like getting smacked in the face with a block of ice.

Be careful - many of the roads are still difficult to drive on, especially in the early morning. For more info on what to expect from the "February Deep Freeze," you can check that out right here. And to learn how local homeless shelters are dealing with the increased cold and what they need for donations, please click through here to find out what you can do to help.

Are you ready for Spring to just get here already?

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