"The Taste" started a few years back as a fundraiser for the Montana Food Bank Network while promoting local restaurants and breweries. It was a fun way to get together with friends out at Neptune Aviation to taste new foods and beers for a great cause. The Taste became so successful, that it raised $70,000 for Montana families. The event is virtual this year, and from what we can tell, the organizers have done a beautiful job with adjusting to the "new normal."

This year, The Taste will showcase food, friends, and locally owned businesses with a 'Passport' event, which will take place from Monday, February 22nd to Friday, March 5th. This timeline will allow guests to go out and taste all of the yummy delights local vendors have to offer. For the event’s entertainment, they will be putting on a cooking competition called The Taste Presents - Chefs Against Hunger, where 3 local chefs will compete. Plus, the silent auction and Spoon Pull raffle will still be part of the fun.

Taste Passports are $10 and VIP Passports are $55, learn more and buy your tickets here.

The Montana Food Bank Network is a different organization than the Missoula Food Bank and Community Center, I know a lot of people think they are one in the same. The MFBN serves the entire state, so they are able to serve tiny communities like Wibaux and rural areas, as well as bigger towns. They partner with neighborhood food banks, community pantries, social organizations, homeless shelters, schools, and hundreds of other organizations that are all working together to end hunger in Montana.

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