Missoula artist and framer Treasure Dragseth has had a successful year, despite the pandemic. Like many families in 2020, she was struggling. Her husband lost his job due to COVID-19, and she lost her own job at the restaurant she was working for in Spokane. With two grade school children and no income, it's easy to lose hope. But Treasure drew inspiration from her parents, as she explained in this great article by KREM 2 in Spokane.

Treasure says her parents, who still live here in Missoula, have always supported her as an artist. She's been a professional framer since the 90's, and her daughter caught the art bug at an early age, painting and creating greeting cards to sell with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. So this family isn't just wildly talented, they are also kind and community minded.

After Treasure and her husband were both approved for unemployment due to the pandemic, they felt like it was an opportunity to begin a new adventure. I know this family personally, they are never afraid of new challenges, and I am zero percent surprised, but completely impressed at what Treasure has accomplished with her new mobile design studio.

It's called "Treasure It? Frame It!", it operates out of small school bus that Treasure's husband remodeled, and it's gorgeous! The mobile art studio allows Treasure to pick up items from clients, take them back to her home studio for framing, and deliver. Not only that, but clients can come aboard and choose the perfect frame, mat, colors, glass, and everything that they want for their prized photos and art work, all at a sanitary and safe distance. Treasure can also work with you online to make your pieces exactly the way you imagine them to look in your home. She's so incredibly talented, I could not be more proud of my dear friend. Find her work online here, and on Facebook here.

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