Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in your life? OK, maybe the birth of your kid or whatever, but Kurt and donuts is pretty rad. Just look at it's glory.

I swear to you, this must have gone up over night as I was just at Board of Missoula on Monday and didn't see it. The mural is outside of Veera Donuts, which is known for it's love of excellent music and vegan donuts and treats. If you still haven't been, it's right behind Big Dipper on Higgins, and I imagine many MANY photos will be taken in front of this amazing wall art.

We recently featured Veera and their sad tale of the missing Ozzy painting. The same artist who did that painting did the mural, her name is Jules Muck, who had done some truly incredible work for a lot of our favorite bands, check her out on IG @muckrock. That painting was returned, by the way.

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