Now THIS is the community we know and love, the community that rallies and brings back a precious Ozzy Osbourne eating donuts on a pink background painting to it's rightful owners. I kid a little with the description, but it's actually a very valuable piece of art that was done by Jules Muck, who has done some truly incredible work for a lot of our favorite bands, check her out on IG @muckrock.

We first reported about the missing painting on August 17th, 9 days later, Veera Donuts posted on Instagram that the art piece had been returned and even thanked us for our article (no, THANK YOU for your delectable treats!) So who had it? Well, according to Veera, the story of how it went missing may forever be a mystery, however, they did report that the art was returned directly to the store by an older gentleman. He said was a friend of a friend of a friend and was tasked with returning it. Honestly, it doesn't matter now, as long as it's back on the wall at Veera!

Meanwhile, when breaking from munching vegan donuts, The Prince of Darkness participated in a new 'Biography' episode titled 'The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne.' It's set to debut on A&E on September 7th, Labor Day.

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