It's amazing how Facebook has become such a staple of everyday life for almost everyone, including myself. I normally check my Facebook page within the first few minutes of even being awake. Although it has been incredible lately the number of people that have been taking a break from Facebook due to the negativity or too many political arguments.

I think that we all have thought about or even discussed walking away from the social media platform but it honestly is difficult because it is such a part of our normal daily life. To me, leaving Facebook isn't an option, it is part of my job. But I also don't got offended by other peoples beliefs or comments. I realize there are lots of people with lots of different opinions and I can't do much to change those. But I can control how I feel and how I react to others, and I choose to not let other people affect me.

My though is, if Facebook is affecting you enough to get mad over what other people are posting, maybe it is time to step away for a while. You should never let someone or someones comments affect you, don't let someone have that type of control over you. Can't we just go back to posting selfies and food pictures?


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