The Easter holiday is almost here. The grass is getting greener...even if it is under a couple of inches of snow. Eggs are being dyed. We are craving chocolate. And the Easter bunny is probably going to make a huge mess in our yards.

Dad hates when the Easter bunny destroys the yard.

As far back as I can remember, Easter was always a time for my dad to pull some pranks. Like he didn't have enough fun on April Fool's Day. He would do everything he could to gross us out. Like putting chocolate-covered raisins in our cereal, and telling us it is rabbit poo. But, his annual tradition was to simulate an actual "bunny hunt." His goal was to prevent the Easter Bunny from littering in our yard. This annual event was something he would build up for days, making a point to even clean and polish his rifle in preparation for the big day.

When Easter Sunday finally arrived, Dad was ready. He would paint his face in camouflage. He would set up directly below my bedroom window while I was still asleep. When the time came, he would light a package of firecrackers and begin to pretend he was spraying lead all over the yard. When I would shoot up to see what was happening, there stood dad with his gun in hand. Cussing up a storm because he MISSED!

As traumatizing as it may sound for a kid to experience, it is one of those memories that will forever be in my mind when I wake up on Easter Sunday.

"What a great way to combine guns and loving your kids"

Back in 2016, I interviewed comedian Christopher Titus, a comedian who is known for his stories about having a traumatic childhood. I attempted to "1-up" him with my story about my dad. Hear what he had to say.

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