Our hearts go out to the Montana State Men's Lacrosse team. Thankfully, no one was injured.


According to a post on the Montana State Men's Lacrosse team's Instagram page, the bus that the team was travelling in caught fire on Sunday while the team was making its way home from North Dakota.

The team was reportedly returning home to Bozeman following a weekend of games in Dickinson, North Dakota. With only two hours left until the team reached Bozeman, the team bus started having engine trouble which resulted in the bus catching fire. The fire quickly spread and destroyed the entire bus including many items belonging to the team.

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Thankfully, we evacuated all people before any harm was done. No one was injured and that is the most important thing we are thankful for. Some of the lacrosse gear and team gear was saved, but many players' personal items were lost. Over 20 of our players lost their laptops and notes, items that are vital to their academic success. With the end of the semester just four weeks away, we could use help on replacing these laptops and more to finish the semester as student-athletes.

The Montana State Men's Lacrosse team is ranked #8 in the nation, and the team in expected to make it into the National Tournament that will take place in Round Rock, Texas May 9 -14.

Instagram Photo Credit: Montana State University Men's Lacrosse
Photo Credit: Montana State University Men's Lacrosse

The bus fire is a huge setback for the Bobcats, as it is the primary means of transportation for the team. A GoFundMe page has been set up in the wake of the fire to help cover travel expenses for the team. All donations will go directly to the Montana State Men's Lacrosse team to help replace lost items and fund the trip to the National Tournament.

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