I know it just rained in the Bitterroot Valley (with a dusting of snow) early this week. But the annual Hamilton Spring Clean-up Days do not let a little bit of rain stand in the way. The three designated days every spring and fall in the city limits give residents a chance to get their properties "spiffed up," with city crews helping to take away the leaves and branches.

It's happening next Monday, Toesday and Wednesday - April 11, 12 and 13. This is only one day ahead of last spring, by the way.

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The cleanup days were begun years ago, when the city council grew tired of the smoke from the burning piles of leaves and decided to outlaw the burning in the city limits. As a replacement, they instituted the clean-up days, which also provides mulch that goes back into the ground. During the cleanup days, the city crews will be coming around and picking up your bagged leaves and bundled branches. They take them all back to the city shop on Adirondac Avenue, where a huge pile is created.

When and where are the pickup times?

The routes are the same this year.

  • Monday, April 11 - pickups along the streets northwest of Main Street to US 93.
  • Tuesday, April 12 - pickups southwest of Main to US 93.
  • Wednesday, April 13 - pickups east of US 93 to city limits.

The usual rules apply. Bag your leaves and bundle the branches. The branches can't be longer than four feet or have a branch diameter larger than 4 inches. Once you've got them bundled and bagged, take them to the curb. Between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the bags and bundles will go away.

However, if you notice that your bag is still there after your designated pickup day, you'll probably find a red tag attached. It will list a reason why the bag wasn't picked up. Fix the problem, then call the Public Works Department at 406 363-6717 and they'll come get it. In fact, if you have any questions about the program, call them. Again, this is only for residents inside the city limits of Hamilton.

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