The Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming have introduced 42 new badges that are designed to help girls to choose how they want to experience and influence the world.

Marketing Communications manager for the Girl Scouts of Montana, Kristi Osterlund said the new badges are for all Girl Scouts from kindergarten through 12th grade.

“These new badges include everything from cyber security to space science and also high adventure,” said Osterlund. “We’re kicking up our outdoor activities a notch offering girls activities such as ice climbing. I January, we had a group of girls do some ice climbing, Of course, we have safety checkpoints on all our activities such as doing small climbs without rappelling gear. Everything is aimed at the age level, so it could be an afternoon hike for Daisies, the five and six year-olds, or it could be a survival camp for our older girls, ninth graders and up.”

Osterlund reiterated the Girl Scout philosophy that the organization is exclusively for girls.

“We believe that girls need a place where they can be in a safe environment and can share with one another, be vulnerable and yet take on new challenges,” she said. “Sometimes they’ll fail but that’s not a loss, that’s a teaching moment,” she said. “This all girl opportunity is something that we value and there’s research to back it up. The research shows that single gender learning environments are great, not just for girls, but for boys as well. Kids develop differently, both physically and mentally, and we believe Girl Scouts is the best opportunity for girls.”

Osterlund said the new badges are now available for any Girl Scout who wishes to pursue them.

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