State Senator Dr. Al Olszewski, Republican candidate for governor stopped by the KGVO studios early Tuesday morning as part of a road trip that’s taking him across thousands of miles to towns across Montana.

“My new name is the ‘People’s Choice’,” said Olszewski. “There are three of us running for governor in this race, all good men and all are Republicans, but we differ in the way we want to serve Montana. If you follow the money, you’ll see where the support is coming from. 100 percent of my money is coming from individual donations here in the state of Montana. I have one contender whose support seems to come from the special interests of Montana, and the other one seems to be getting his money from the million and billion dollar club from out of state.”

Olszewski said his philosophy for governing stems from the term ‘public service’.

“My sole purpose of being in public service is to serve,” he said. “As a state legislator, along with my colleagues, we quite frankly are tired of being tolerated for 90 days while we’re in Helena and being treated like the flu virus, and then after we leave Helena we’re ignored for over two years. We need to get back to our state constitution, in that the governor’s office, the executive branch, and the legislature need to be equal partners in serving, not ruling, but serving our state.”

Olszewski’s fellow candidates for the Republican nomination include current Attorney General Tim Fox and current. U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte.

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