So this is pretty awesome: Kettlehouse Brewing Company has announced a collaboration with Pearl Jam on a new beer. This ties into the 2018 Missoula Pearl Jam show, which will be streaming online this month and which will be screened at Ogren Park on June 18th.

Kettlehouse made the announcement on their Facebook page. The beer will be called the MPS Pool Ale, with a portion of the proceeds going to Montana Pool Service, a nonprofit founded by Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament (a Montana native) to fund world-class skate parks in rural and isolated communities for young people. Ament will also be hosting the screening at Ogren Park, which benefits the Missoula YWCA and the Poverello Center.

The MPS Pool Ale cans are available at both Kettlehouse taprooms starting today, and four-packs will hit local store shelves in the coming weeks. You'll also be able to get the beer at the screening at Ogren park.

That's an awesome collaboration, but I think we can workshop the name to make it a little more Pearl Jam-y. Got any suggestions? My first thought is "Can't Find A Bitter Man." Or maybe "Yellow Ledbitter IPA." How about "Don't Call Me Lager?" I don't know, I'm just spitballing here.

I'm pretty excited for the Ogren Park screening, too - I moved to Missoula just a few weeks after the Pearl Jam show at Washington-Grizzly stadium, so this seems like the next best thing. If you want to get tickets, you can check out for all the info you need.

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