Last month was one of those rare February months without a full moon. Since it takes 29 days to go from full moon to full moon and February is only 28 days long...

So, here in 2018, January had a full moon on the 31st and tonight, March 1st, is 29 days later. Hence no full moon in February. However, this also sets up March for TWO full moons. A second full moon in a month is called a Blue Moon and that will happen March 31st.

By the way, the full moon tonight, March 1st, will occur officially at 5:51 p.m. MST and is called the Worm Moon. The March 31st moon is called the Sap Moon - get that maple syrup collected!

A good place to check on night sky happenings such as the Northern Lights and meteor showers, along with photos from amateur astronomers, is

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