Thrillist continues to keep us entertained with their lists of where to find the best burger, best spots for camping and insight on the best vacation spots in each state. In their latest list titled "The Most Underrated City In All 50 States," they declare Livingston for Montana.

Just a stone’s throw from the sprawling, 40,000-person-deep metropolis of Bozeman, the iconic Murray Bar has long made Livingston a destination for nationally known country acts looking for a place to stay and play. But there’s so much more to this classic Western oasis set among endless ranches and mountains capes. Livingston is a gateway to Yellowstone, home of some of the best steaks in the known universe at places like the Stockman and Rib & Chop House, and generally rife with the sorts of experiences and characters you find only in oil paintings at old saloons. The shadow of Emigrant Peak looms large, beckoning visitors to explore the vast hills and rivers. This is basically what you’re envisioning when you close your eyes and think of an ideal Montana small town. And that Murray Bar is pretty damn sweet, too. -- Andy Kryza

Other highlights include Homer, Alaska, which apparently "rocks a hell of a beach scene. Sacramento, California "an underappreciated food city.” Duluth, Minnesota a chance to see the Northern Lights and "monster cinnamon rolls." They had me at Northern Lights. Duck, North Carolina "the amenities of an East Coast spring break destination minus the crowding and chain restaurants." And Fayetteville, West Virginia "the ideal home base for rock climbing, mountain biking, and the best whitewater rafting in the east."

I've never spent much time in Livingston, but their review kinda makes you want to go there just to eat steak, huh?

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