The EmPower Place at the Missoula Food Bank is an important community space to many local kids and families. So we are excited to help them announce that the center is re-opening on Monday, February 1st!

The EmPower Place hosts the Kids Club, a free, drop-in tech hub & meal site for school aged neighborhood kids. Kids who participate get homework help, free lunch, get to take part in science activities & more on Mondays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Current rules state that the Kids Club is limited to 3 kids per week, seats are filled on a first come, first served basis. And drop-ins are usually welcome, but registration is recommended. 

For more info, current safety protocols and registration information, contact Education Coordinator Kristi Havlik at or 406-549-0543. The SpectrUM Museum is part of the EmPower Place, and will remain closed for now.

The Food Bank has been essential for hundreds of local children during the pandemic, not only by supplying nutritious groceries to families who have been struggling due to the effects of the pandemic, but also with the implementation of their "Kids Eat Free Mobile Meal Bus." This past Monday, January 25th, the bus began another two week route with four stops. At these stops, any kids under 18-years-old can pick up free meals. Or, for kids who are closer to the actual Food Bank on Wyoming Street, they can just go there for free meals. You can see the bus schedule below.

Image courtesy of the Missoula Food Bank
Image courtesy of the Missoula Food Bank

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