It's the dream! A healthy salary, generous raises, affordable housing.......that dream just might not be a reality for most in Missoula. A recent study by Zippia has named the Worst Job Markets in America for 2021 - and Missoula has made the list. That's a bit of bummer news - but thank goodness for the scenic outdoors and a great community that serve as redeeming features for this town of ours.

It's actually quite alarming to end up on this list when you take into account the factors that qualify you. The study looked at high unemployment rates, high competition for existing jobs, low pay, and wages that don't see much for increases. Each state had one city that represented their worst job market and Missoula topped the list for Montana. I guess we can look at the glass as being half full and be thankful we don't live in Montebello, CA.......they were rated the worst in the entire country.

Photo: Zippia
Photo: Zippia

If you're lucky enough to be gainfully employed, you're paying the bills, and you enjoy your job - consider yourself pretty lucky right now. A lot of people have been forced to look for their next career move through no fault of their own. The pandemic has forced a lot of local businesses to make cuts to offset their drop in business. And on that note - if you've been receiving unemployment payments because of losing your job, the Montana Department of Labor and Industry has issued a warning for Montanans to be aware of a text scam that claims to be from the Unemployment Insurance Division.

Get more details with Zippia's list of the Worst Job Markets in America for 2021 by clicking HERE.

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