If your partner is a Pearl Jam fan, I guarantee the chocolates with the special packaging alone would be a homerun. And the capper is, the proceeds go to the Vitalogy Foundation, which helps non-profits that the band are passionate about.

So you've got a couple of options here. You likely remember Pearl Jam's very few "Home Shows" they did in August of 2018, especially since one of their stops was right here in Missoula. For Valentine's Day, they will be streaming their August 10, 2018 show from night two at Safeco Field in Seattle. They released night 1, I believe it was last year, and fans begged them to release night 2 of the Seattle shows as it has been called one of the most epic shows of their career. So, Pearl Jam are granting that wish from February 12th to 16th. You can order the stream HERE. It's only $14.99, even less for Ten Club members, and there's a fun option to gift a ticket to a loved one.

The stream will feature the 37-song set, mixed in stereo and 5.1 digital surround sound by Pearl Jam Producer, Josh Evans. This never-seen-before full-color footage was captured using multiple HD cameras by touring video director Blue Leach and edited by PJ archivist Kevin Shuss.

While you're watching the show, you can enjoy a Pearl Jam 12-piece collection of 3 caramel flavors wrapped in a Home Shows commemorative package. It's really nice looking, if there were a Foo Fighters version of this, I would definitely be buying. You can buy the Seattle made caramel boxes now, here's the link.

And finally, don't forget to enter to win the gift of a lifetime, an autographed 18x24 poster from the show. Entries are 10 bucks each, again, all proceeds go to Pearl Jam's favorite charities, and you can enter to win until February 5th, with the drawing happening on February 8th. Enter to win HERE.

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