I get it. This pandemic has been going on for most of the year. We're all cooped up at home. It can make you start to get a little on edge. It feels like the slightest thing could possibly set you off. We've seen a couple stories from Montana make national headlines during the madness of 2020. And yes, I'm talking about the ones that made headlines for the wrong reasons.

Stories out of Whitefish had the guy that tried to disrupt a BLM protest as well as the lady that was caught on camera coughing on people outside of a grocery store. I haven't seen video of this latest story, but a man in Butte is all over the news for his reaction to being told he had to wear a mask inside a Papa John's store.

The man entered the store but was told he needed to wear a mask to be served or that they could deliver the pizza outside to him. That didn't seem to go over well. He started to harass store employees and refused to leave. He also held the doors closed from the inside so other customers weren't able to enter the store. Employees reported they brought the man's order outside to him but instead of leaving he challenged them to a fight.

Police were called and the man continued to yell at employees and officers. He was eventually given the choice to leave or be arrested. In the end, the man was jailed for disorderly conduct and misdemeanor failure to disperse. If you were wondering about the man possibly being intoxicated - yep, he was.

Well, what can you say.......that new Shaq-a-roni pizza at Papa John's must really be worth it!

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