With everyone being cooped up at home for so long in 2020. It is no wonder that the trails and roads in our national parks are becoming crowded this year. From the sounds of it, you would almost have to put up traffic signals on some of Glacier National Parks popular trails. And that isn't just to direct traffic for humans, but also the full time residents of the park.

Just recently we shared a video of a hiker who had a run in with a large mountain lion.

Trevor Rassmusen captured the footage while hiking a trail. According to his post on YouTube:
Here is my standoff with a mountain lion in Glacier National Park. I did see the abscess when filming it and the first thing I did when I got out of the woods was report it to some rangers. I showed them the video, the abscess and told them the location where it happened. Fortunately it was in a place that was easy enough to remember and the park rangers were on top of it. :) I was carrying bear spray.

Well it looks like mountain lions are not the only critters disrupting traffic on Glacier National Park's trails.

The video was captured by Dulé Krivdich, and according to his description on Facebook

Here is his story: "Be Bear Aware Folks. This was this afternoon hiking back up after visiting Hidden Lake. Just a switchback below where my wife and I just motored through this big fella, I’d say a 500+ pound grizzly, came through a treeline, down a meadow and swiftly on to the trail itself to get to wherever he wanted to go. Now hikers just below on the same trail are totally unaware of what’s heading their way as we from above start yelling that there is a bear barreling down the same trail. As one yells back, “what do we do?” “Just start making a lot of noise!!! Don’t run!" But just then, the griz made a bluff charge and we saw people booking it like we’ve never ever seen before in our lives. But I think that it was a case of the bear not knowing people were coming up as the people had no idea but even once they did did the worse thing, they RAN! Thank goodness that it all went well afterwards. Other than that it was a beautiful day for a hike down to Hidden Lake."

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