You've heard the stories and likely witnessed it for yourself at your own kids' school, teachers spending their own money on supplies for their students. Which sucks, because teachers don't get paid nearly what they're worth in the first place. Teachers play such an important role in children's lives, it saddens me that they don't get better treatment, so I was excited to share this info with you.

So you know The Montana Scene downtown on Higgins? If you've never been it's a really fun store with Montana themed t-shirts, fun socks and unique clothing. They are stepping up this evening to provide Missoula public school teachers with the tools they need to have a successful year. As successful as school can be in the midst of a pandemic, anyway.

Share this with your kids' teachers and any other public school educators that you know! Tonight from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Mercantile, teachers can stock up on any last minute school supplies they may need. The Mercantile donated their event space so that this event could adhere to social distancing and keep our teachers safe. You just need your school ID and masks are required.

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