Are you familiar with folf? It's the mutant creation that comes from combining frisbee and golf. Perhaps you know it by its more descriptive name of disc golf. Instead of swinging clubs - you throw frisbees. And getting your frisbee in the bucket is the equivalent of getting a golf ball in the hole. The goal is to try to have the lowest score like you would in golf. I've never played but it seems like it would be pretty fun. Although, I should probably just focus on getting a grip on the golf part first - yesterday I went to the driving range, put a token in the machine, and forgot to put a bucket down for the balls and they went bouncing all over the place. Ha!

Just like with every other sport, you're always going to want the latest and greatest when it comes to equipment. Did you know there's a place in Missoula that's dedicated to disc golf equipment? A KPAX story this week features Albatross Discs and their story of opening up earlier this year. If you can find the store, the article says it's "a small, non-descript store without a sign on South Higgins Avenue, near Dornblaser Field," you can test equipment and use the practice range before you purchase. (There's no sign sign outside but they have one in the window of the store.)

So there you have it.....if you didn't know such a place existed, now you're in the loop.

Learning about the store made me wonder what a quick internet search of disc golf in Missoula would bring up for course options with the great game of folf. There's probably not as many options as players would hope for - but there are a few. My quick search showed: Blue Mountain Disc Golf Course, Pattee Canyon Disc Golf Course, and Missoula Disc Golf Course as designated places to play. And a user comment on Google said that Linda Vista Golf Course is a great place to play in the winter.

Looking for a new hobby? Disc golf is pretty inexpensive when it comes to getting started. And if you don't know what you need to join the world of folf - I know one store where they would probably be happy to give you some pointers. Find Albatross Discs at 2330 N. Higgins in Missoula.

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